Monday, November 15, 2010

Fun Times, Part II

Fun Times

Hello, all!!

Life has been in fast-forward the last few weeks! Halloween came and went (with a pretty fantastic little Buzz Lightyear) and we are fast approaching Thanksgiving!!

We weren't able to take Reid to the Pumpkin Patch BUT we did get him a pumpkin so he could make his Potato Head Pirate. Reid is very helpful and surprisingly patient for a 3-year-old. We had to poke holes in his pumpkin to place the pieces and he would just sit there while we placed the holes. As soon as a hole was made, he had a piece ready for placement! He was super-excited about it and so proud of the finished product!!

I had to work Halloween (last one for 6 years!!), unfortunately. It was looking pretty good on Saturday for me to get cancelled, but the cards just didn't fall that way. Luckily, my very awesome Brendon brought our little Buzz to see me at the hospital on their way to Boo at the Zoo. His costume was pretty incredible and he's just so darn cute!! As we walked through the hospital, everyone who saw him just made over how cute he was! As usual, Reid paid no attention to the compliments (he was too busy checking out the Disney cabinets). Brendon and I were tickled, though.

Yesterday was the annual farm party at the Stitt's farm in Harpersville. We were slightly worried about rain but it held off and Reid had a blast!! Of all things, that child was BASHFUL when we first got there. Pardis and Mary-Ann came over to talk to him and he hid behind my legs! I couldn't believe it!! Reid got to see the goats, chickens, horses, and the farm cat. He wouldn't pet the horses but he said he would ride one. We went on a hay ride and luckily, everyone emerged unscathed. I forgot to get my camera out of the car but I doubt I would have been able to get any pictures - Reid was WAY too busy for Bren and I to do more than try and keep up! We were all pretty beat when we left. I'm still surprised Reid didn't sack out on the ride to his house.

We're having our second annual Thanksgiving Feast at work. I don't know why we didn't start this tradition sooner, because it's fantastic!! It's nice for all of us to be able to do it, since we don't have time before work to really spend time with our families. Hopefully, we'll really get to enjoy it this year - we were SO BUSY on Thanksgiving last year.

I can't get the picture collages to go where I want them to go, and I've been working on this post for almost 45 minutes!! I'll post them in another entry. Have a good day!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Return of Fall

I LOVE this time of year!! I love how crisp the air is and how the sky is always blue and perfect. It's so lovely to be granted a reprieve from the oppressive heat of Alabama summer. For those who have not experienced it, I do not wish it upon you. For those who have, you know what I'm talking about. I always get excited when October rolls around, because USUALLY it's the start of cool weather! I love that I have to wear a light jacket to walk the dogs at night or when I'm walking to my car at work. It's chili and hot chocolate weather, people!! Get excited!!

We're planning to take Reid to the Pumpkin Patch in Hayden sometime this month, just depends on what day we get him. He loves being outside and I can just see him tearing around the field, trying to find the perfect pumpkin. He's so precious!! (Have I mentioned how much I love my boys?) Brendon and I will probably journey to Publix and buy a LARGE pumpkin for only $5.99 later in the month for ourselves.

And it's time to break out the Halloween scrubs!! I have two full weeks to wear them and since I have 5 or 6 tops, I get to wear them all at least TWICE!! I found the cutest little witch hat headband from Old Navy to wear one day. When I tried it on for Bren, he asked me if it was supposed to be for a dog or small child. Silly boy!

And don't forget what else fall means...COLLEGE FOOTBALL!! Roll Tide, friends!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

We're Still Alive!

I have been a VERY bad blogger here recently!! I still don't have pictures up from Christmas, but I will do my best to put them up soon!! Between work, my clinical group, Baby Cotton, and loads o' other things, I just haven't had the time. However, I do promise to make the time...

I just don't know when that will be!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Weekend Update!

Not too much has gone on this weekend at the Cory-Kotulak Zoo. Brendon worked and I had a bad shoulder for most of the weekend, so unfortunately, the tree didn't get decorated.

We did, however, get to see Reid on Sunday and he was a handful! It was good to see him, though. I do believe he's gotten taller. Brendon had his hands full, as you can see!

I can say that the tree does have some ornaments on it currently. We're going with a Disney theme this year, so I'm anxious to see how it turns out!!

How about that SEC champsionship game?!?! Can I just say, ROLL TIDE!!! I was so happy that we won!! Greg McElroy and Mark Ingram did awesome, and I really hope Ingram wins the Heisman!!

That's all I have for now! Hope everyone has a great week!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Kittie Update

Forgot to give an update of Kittie!!

After we took him last Wednesday to have his bandages removed (or so we thought), the vet decided that she wanted Kittie to wear them for another week. They had to sedate him and redo his bandages. That night and the next day (which ended up being Thanksgiving), Kittie was refusing to bear weight on his front paws. He would take a few steps and then stop, sitting back on his haunches and just not walking. We paged the on-call vet on Thanksgiving and he told us to bring Kittie the next day.

I took Kittie back to the vet on Friday, where they sedated him AGAIN and changed his bandages. The vet told me that the first time they changed the bandages, they used mostly tape, so Kittie couldn't bend his feet and that's why he wouldn't walk on his front paws. So, they changed his bandages and luckily, didn't charge us for the sedation or the bandages.

Oh, did I mention that they found a tapeworm segment on his bottom? Don't worry, he was treated and we have to get a booster in another week or so. Now, back to the bandages...

Guess what I came home to on Saturday?

Kittie, minus one of his bandages. Guess what happened not long after I left for work on Sunday?

Kittie took off his other bandage! Luckily, we had called the vet Sunday before Kittie took the 2nd bandage off and he said as long as there wasn't any bleeding, the bandages could stay off.

So, Kittie is free at last! Still having a little bit of tenderness in his paws, but he's back to his normal self!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I know this post is like, a week late, but this is the first chance I've had to take the pictures off my camera and edit them. This is my lovely group of co-workers with whom I had the joy of spending Thanksgiving!! We had a pretty AWESOME feast, courtesy of ourselves and Brendon, who made an EXTREMELY YUMMY turkey. Unfortunately, we ended up being so busy that night that we didn't really get to enjoy it too much! The food made it better, though!!

Hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving!!
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Happy Birthday, Brendon!!

Today was Brendon's 32nd birthday!

He had the day off work, so we decided last weekend that we would spend the day decorating for Christmas. Brendon insisted on a live tree, so we went to Beaver's Christmas Tree Farm in Trafford and found a whopping 9ft Fraser Fir! We also strung up icicle lights across the front of the house, as you can see to the left here.

The animals didn't know what to think about the tree at first, but they got over that very quickly. As you can see in the collage below, they "supervised" the lighting for a good part of the evening. It wore Kittie slap out!

We had a time with that tree! It is so heavy and we couldn't get it in the base quite right to keep it from tipping. We finally got it worked out, though, and were able to get all 1100 lights on without an argument or a fight. It was a little touch-and-go at the beginning, but we made it!! Here's our handiwork!!

We still have the ornaments to hang as well as the stockings and the rest of the porch lights. We made a ton of progress today, though, which we are very pleased about!!

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Brendon!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Turkey Weekend!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Iron Bowl!! Let me tell you, that game was a hair-puller!!

Pictures to come from our Thanksgiving feast at work!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

And the Hits Just Keep On Coming!!

You would think that after the Great Mouse Caper and discovering Kittie wasn't neutered, we'd get a little break from semi-catastrophic events, right?


Sunday evening, we had Anna over for dinner. We were getting ready to clean up the dishes when we noticed that the left side of the sink (the side with the garbage disposal) wasn't draining (there were about 2 inches of standing water). We decided to turn on the disposal to see if that would help with the water. Not the best idea!! The sink drain quickly turned into a fountain!! Brendon quickly turned off the switch and grabbed a wooden spoon to see if there was anything blocking the disposal. There wasn't, so he flipped the switch. It was like a mini-whirlpool in the sink at first, then it turned into a fountain again!

We all stood around, trying to figure out what the problem could be. (We've decided now that it's either the disposal or the pipe connecting the disposal to the other pipes.) We ran some water to see if that would break up whatever was blocking the drain. Didn't work! After that, we grabbed a plunger to see if that would work. Surprise surprise, that didn't do anything either! We decided to try to the disposal one last time to see if it was still clogged. Brendon was standing by the sink while Anna and I were standing about two feet away from the sink. Brendon flipped the switch and we didn't get a fountain this time...

We got a geyser!! Seriously, water shot out from the sink halfway across the kitchen!! Brendon got splashed a little bit, and I nearly toppled Anna to keep from getting wet!! We decided right then and there that we weren't gonna try the disposal anymore and manually drained the backed-up water. That was some pretty nasty looking stuff, by the way.

I'm thankful that it's Tuesday and nothing has happened yet!! Here's hoping nothing else happens this week!!

The Great Mouse Caper of 2009

Let me preface this by saying that about a week and a half ago, Brendon informed me that he thought I might have a mouse in the walls of my house. We were in the kitchen and we heard a rustling noise that came from behind the fridge. We could see all the animals, so we knew it wasn't them! Let me also say that I HATE mice and that they TERRIFY me.

Fast forward to Thursday night. Brendon was at work and I was home by myself with the cats and Ralphie. It was around 11 p.m. when this all went down. I was sitting in the kitchen floor with Jax in my lap, cutting some of his hair clumps out while Ralphie stood ever-vigilant at my side. There was suddenly a THUMP, to which Jax lunged out of my lap and Ralphie took off running. I looked up to see Blu skulking away from the laundry room with legs and a tail hanging out of her mouth. I, for lack of a better term, LOST IT. I jumped and ran into the living room, jumping on the furniture and screaming as I frantically called Anna and then Brendon.

So here's what was happening as I was screaming my head off: Blu had caught the mouse by the laundry room and when Ralphie saw her, he took off after her. She ran under the table and promptly dropped the mouse because Ralphie was badgering her. She and Jax were both under the table by this point then a minute later, Jax emerges with the mouse dangling from his mouth. He proceeds to run off with the mouse, closely tailed by Ralphie. Jax keeps dropping it and batting it around, catching it before it can get too far. Well, then Ralphie decided to get in on the mousie action, so Jax loses the mouse RIGHT BY MY BEDROOM DOOR!! He's searching the DVD cabinet for it while Ralphie starts nosing around the shoes by the back door. Good dog, found the mouse, right?!

WRONG!! Mousie then runs into my bedroom!! I am on the phone with Anna, who was laughing her head off as I screamed every other sentence. I then grab both the cats, throw them into the bedroom, shut the door, and hole myself up in Kittie's room (this all happened while Kittie was post-operative). I called Brendon at work in a panic because the mouse was in my bedroom and I was NOT going to be sleeping in there until it was found or dead.

An hour after all this happened, I decided to muster up some nerve and see if the kitties had done their job. I took a deep breath and left Kittie, walking through the house to the bedroom. I opened the door, holding my breath as I watched both the cats dart out. I began combing the room and to my EXTREME dismay, there was no mousie corpse to be found. Again, I called Brendon in a panic. He was almost home by this point, so he told me he'd get the mouse out because he knew I wasn't going to sleep until that creature was found.

Well, guess what? We didn't find the mouse when Brendon got home! We didn't find the mouse again for almost 2 hours!! I saw Blu attack the curtains by MY SIDE OF THE BED and something wiggling between her paws!!

The critter was in bad shape by the time Brendon returned the critter to the wild outdoors. It was running in circles and limping. Brendon felt bad for it, but I didn't!

Oh, we also found out how it got into the house! The cats had been frequently staring at the bottom of the stove, so Brendon decided to look under there. He pulled out the stove drawer and looked, finding a LARGE hole in the sheetrock. Apparently when they were installing my stove, instead of adjusting the powercord properly like they should have, they just shoved the cord into the wall.

Preventative measures have been taken! Glue traps have been put down (although there is one less because somehow Jax managed to walk through one - THAT was fun) and we are in the process of patching the hole.

So there you have it...The Great Mouse Caper of 2009.